See What’s Happening to Wayne Rooney’s Hair: Famous Hair Transplants

It’s no secret that people in the public eye are under near-constant scrutiny. This goes for celebrities and athletes as well. For athletes in particular, the pressure to perform well on the field may contribute to stress-induced hair loss, in addition to androgenic alopecia. So how do they deal with it? If you’re widely celebrated football […]

Do Prostaglandins Cause Baldness

Recently, there has been much excitement in the media around the discovery of prostaglandin PGD2 as a likely cause of male pattern baldness.  Men with pattern baldness were found to have larger quantities of this compound in their scalp compared to non sufferers.  Also, when follicles were isolated in a lab setting and given PGD2, […]

Is Your Hair Loss Genetic?

It is important for individuals to be clear about what is causing their hair to fall out.  There is a high chance that genetics are at work.  But this is not always the case. Sometimes there are other reasons such as: extreme stress diet mold from the environment medical issue side effects from medication If […]