Traveling Around the World For Your Hair Transplant

A hair transplant procedure is a serious undertaking. It is a substantial investment whose results are intended to last long term. Also, potential patients should be aware that one doctor’s skills can vary immensely from another, regardless of the technique they employ.

This is why it is important to choose a doctor who has evidence of consistent success on past patients. Before and after images as well as videos are very informative.

The Importance of Quality in an FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Additionally, it will be important to clarify your unique objectives. For example, if you require a very large number of grafts, you may need to find an FUE doctor who is capable of extracting follicles from different areas of the body to create the coverage you want.

The best surgeon who can precisely meet your needs may be located in another country around the world. Although travel may seem like a stretch, consider the long term benefits of receiving treatment from this type of specialist.

Ultimately, the best result is what you want to achieve after undergoing a hair transplant. Not only is the procedure costly, but it is a big decision to make. The question is, how to find the best hair transplant surgeon?

When thinking about a hair transplant it may be overwhelming to browse the internet, and view hundreds of surgeons who may have clean and informative websites. How to differentiate one from the next? The first thing is to understand your hair loss condition. By having a complete understanding of your particular condition will help to narrow down the search, because not all hair transplant surgeons will be able to service you.

There are different types of hair transplant procedures that are offered. The most commonly known one is FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE continues to yield the best outcomes, however if you are suffering from severe baldness then you may want to consider an advanced technique of FUE called Body Hair Transplant, BHT. This procedure allows body hair follicles to meet the requirements of needed follicles to provide full coverage, and density. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for either procedure.

Basically it depends on the type of hair transplant you are seeking. Once you have decided on what area/areas of the head or body you would like to improve, then you will have an idea of the hair transplant surgeon to select. Consultations are a must before selecting the surgeon.




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