FUE With Body Hair Follicles

Men who are considering a hair transplant procedure will need to understand the difference between regular Follicular Unit Extraction and Advanced FUE. Although the two are related, they are not the same.

In advanced forms of Follicular Unit Extraction, body follicles can be extracted. And this requires different surgical protocols and tools. Body hair has different growth characteristics. And for patients, it is important that donor zones such as the face, neck, chest, legs etc. heal according to the highest standards. This is why meeting both these needs requires a specialized approach, rather than the standard practices of FUE.

Why Body Hair?

Regions of the body contain thousands of follicles. There are many hair transplant patients around the world who need many more grafts beyond the donor supplies on their head. For these individuals, a doctor who can perform advanced FUE is the best option of their needs.

How Body Hair Is Used To Create A New Look

Body hair serves many purposes, in addition to providing density and global coverage. How body hair is used to provide similar texture hairs to regions of the head, which result in a more natural look. For example, body hair from the nape or behind the ears is used on the very outer edge of the hairline. The hairs that border the face are soft and feathery; therefore body hairs from these two regions provide a natural look. These types of grafts consist of a single hair follicle. This is to create the micro hairline. The macro hairline consists of thicker hairs, in which case hair follicles with double and triple grafts are used. When using only head hair the most natural look cannot be achieved. Our body hair follicles also serve in eyebrow and eyelash transplants.

Hair that grows on the body emerges from single follicular units, as opposed to clusters. Volume is achieved, and surgeons are able to create insertion slits at a sharper angle to accommodate specific hair follicles, and create a new look.

Body Hair And Its Appearance

Cumulatively, body hair helps to create the appearance of greater coverage, since the follicles can be manipulated to achieve this. Texture of the hair follicles is what determines the look. Since a lot of body hair feels similar to regions of hairs on the scalp, it makes more sense to extract body hair.



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