Common Hair Restoration Questions

How long do I have to wait to see my results?

In most cases, the first signs of new hair won’t appear until about month 4. The full extent of your results may require a year and a half after your surgery to develop.

Should I wait for hair cloning?

Although researchers have reported that they have been able to create a follicle structure from precursor cells, there are many other issues to address before it can be offered as a legitimate medical procedure. There is the risk that the immune system will react against the new follicles. And there is no way to guide the growth patterns of the injected structures.  Therefore, the results will probably look haphazard.

Can I have grafts extracted from a relative to use as donor follicles for my procedure?

Every person carries different types of proteins. And your immune system is designed to be able to recognize this and attack anything that it deems to be foreign. Therefore donor follicles from another person will not survive. They must come from you.

When is a good time to get a hair transplant?

You can probably get a sense of whether or not your hair loss has reached a stable point. If not, your doctor can evaluate the rate at which you are losing hair to help determine if or when this has reached a point of stability.  Getting a hair transplant while you are still losing hair will create unusual bald patches on your head.

Will My Hair Grow Back If I Use Rogaine?

Rogaine is an FDA approved medication that helps with treating hair loss, however it does not serve the severely bald. This drug works best around the crown area. It does not work well in the front of your head, which is common area of hair loss. Also, it is most effective for people under the age of 40 who experience recent hair loss.

What Should I Expect Before A Hair Transplant?

A patient should expect the results that he or she has discussed previously with the hair transplant surgeon. When speaking to a surgeon some factors to consider are, hair density, maturation of hairline, coverage through a donor region, and short versus long-term hair transplant goals. After these main factors have been discussed with the surgeon, one should know what exactly to expect.

Can Exercise Restore My Hair Growth?

It is commonly know that testosterone contributes to building muscles, however that is not the case for hair growth. Testosterone levels may elevate by 25% at the time of lifting weights for 45 minutes, but the spike of the hormone is only transient.

How Is A Hair Transplant Performed?

It depends on the type of hair transplant method you choose, however the most commonly practiced Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE consists of natural clusters of follicles extracted one at a time in groupings of one to five follicular units. This is an advanced technique; therefore a well skilled surgeon must be chosen to perform this procedure.



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